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Jacob S. Mendelsohn

Intellectual Property Counsel

JACOB S. MENDELSOHN was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and received his bachelor’s degree at Asbury University.  Jacob attended Florida Coastal School of Law and earned his Juris Doctorate degree with Certificates in Business Law and Legal Research and Writing.  While at Florida Coastal, Jacob became a member of Florida Coastal Moot Court Honor Board as well as served on Florida Coastal Law Review where he was named Law Review Member of the Year.  He is currently a member of the State Bar of Indiana.


Growing up in a Messianic-Jewish home, Jacob developed a passion for helping others.  Understanding that God presents windows of opportunity in his life, Jacob is constantly finding new occasions to help others in, quite often, unexpected ways.  Jacob volunteered with Light Years IP where he had the privilege to assist the Maasai Tribe in intellectual property protection and monetization, preserving the integrity, richness, and respect of their culture.  Jacob also volunteered with equine training and therapy, where he both trained horses for police service and helped mentally and physically handicapped children and adults in therapeutic settings.  Subsequently, with his legal knowledge and passion for serving, Jacob joined the Entrepreneurial and Business Law Clinic as well as other local law firms, giving him invaluable experience in assisting newly-developed companies overcome legal hurdles.


While at Continental Enterprises, Jacob joined the team as both an investigator and supporting staff member.  Jacob trained in each department of the company and committed to familiarize himself with the ins-and-outs of intellectual property protection.  Jacob earned a promotion as Vice President of Continental where he oversaw operations, project development, and client relations.  


With a strong background in intellectual property, a niche for business development, and a passion for serving the local community, Jacob formed Mendelsohn & Associates, P.C.  In his ventures, Jacob is prepared to follow God in seizing opportunities and hopes to follow his dreams to better the business community by reaching new heights in intellectual property and business law by utilizing creative and cutting-edge solutions.



Alan Kovalsky

Intellectual Property Counsel

ALAN KOVALSKY is proud to have been born and raised in New York, and grateful for the eight subsequent years he resided in beautiful Northern California. Now an adopted Indiana Hoosier, Alan is happy to call the Midwest his home.  Alan received his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of New York at Albany, graduating Summa Cum Laude, with a double concentration in Finance and Management Information Systems, and earned his Law Degree at the University of California, Davis – King Hall.  He is admitted into the State Bars of Indiana and California.

Alan joined the Mendelsohn & Associates team, heading up Intellectual Property enforcement projects for several of our clients.  Prior to working at Mendelsohn & Associates, Alan enjoyed some 20 years of diverse experience in a variety of legal and financial advisory roles, with his most recent being that of High Net Worth Specialist at Charles Schwab & Co.  Before coming to Mendelsohn & Associates, Alan’s primary areas of expertise included estate & trust planning and administration, as well as tax and gift planning.  Alan excels at, and enjoys, breaking down complex matters into understandable explanations for others, quickly building trust and confidence upon which both co-workers and clients can readily rely in selecting their best course of action.

A music lover, and having recently become an empty-nester, Alan hopes he will now finally find the time to learn to play that piano he bought, more than a few years ago!