Your Treasure Awaits

In today’s business environment, life can sometimes seem more like an adventure story.


IMAGINE there is an island with riches to satisfy a king, and you have a secret map to lead you to the treasure. You recruit your men, gather your supplies, and prepare for a grand adventure. Finding just the right ship costs you everything you have, an investment you find worthy to obtain the treasures that await you.

AS YOU SET SAIL, you rest assured the crew you recruited, the supplies you gathered, and the significant amount of research and study you have invested are more than enough to navigate the minefield of the great unknown. After years of financial planning and detailed preparations, you are finally ready to begin the journey of a lifetime. You begin your voyage as planned, in the route you designated for success when, suddenly, you unexpectedly run into pirates.


“ARRGGHH!! PREPARE TO BE BOARDED,” Yell the pirates as they swing across the gap between the vessels, ripping the sails as they slide down to the starboard bow. You quickly assemble the crew and gather the available weaponry to prepare for battle. The pirates, more than prepared to strategically loot and rob their victims, quickly overpower your crew, seizing your vessel and possessions. With the pirates about to make the crew members walk the plank into the dark abyss, you’re forced to think quickly to save yourself, your crew, and your mission.  You begin to surrender your belongings and make compromises, risking everything, in hopes you can retain the map and still accomplish your mission. The pirates, who are also looking for the island, suddenly realize you have the secret map... all seems doomed.

BUT, ALAS for the pirates, a nearby ship detects your distress signal and sails to the rescue. Equipped with cannons and armed professionals, the nearby ship comes ready for battle. With each powerful blast of the cannon, the pirate ship begins to sink, summoning every pirate off your ship in order to save their own vessel. Although the pirates prepared for battle and fought tooth and nail, they suddenly find themselves off balance, outmanned, and in dire need of a retreat. Your ship’s crew, now freed, begins to board the pirates’ slowly sinking ship, reclaiming possession of every stolen item. “Charge!” You command as you board the pirate ship. The pirates hoist their sails and attempt to flee the power of your armies but to no avail. The rescue ship disarms and captures the remaining brigands and resupplies your ship with the pirates’ great spoils.

Fleet of Ships

"WELL DONE, ONWARD WITH OUR MISSION,“ You exclaim after an epic win over the merciless pirates. Despite your victory, however, you begin to doubt the capability of your ship to reach the treasure island, should future battles arise. The rescue ship, recognizing the significant investment of your time and resources in pursuing your dream, makes an oath with you and your crew to come to your aid and insure you complete your adventure.

“With your help, we can fight any battle,” You tell the captain of the rescue ship.  “I will lead us to treasures while you help us defeat our enemies.”

THE MORE SUCCESSFUL you become, the more pirates and battles you will face. Mendelsohn & Associates can be the army you need to sail across the sea to your final destination. With our help, you can rest assured you will have the right vessel for your journey, possess adequate resources to complete your voyage, and the weapons you need to defeat the pirates you will face.

Do not wait, call today and take the next step to fight the pirates!

Cyber security

MENDELSOHN LAW, along with its sophisticated network of legal and enforcement warriors, have a proven track record of defending companies against pirates through the recovery of mandatory attorney fees, advocacy for trebled damages, and recovery of costs owed our clients for waging war against the profiteers.

We thwart the efforts of thieves who conspire to reap the benefits of our client’s valuable investments. We have assisted companies in bringing domestic and international thieves and pirates to justice. We have reclaimed brand names on the verge of becoming generic, helping our clients retain control of valuable but long-ignored intellectual property.  We helped forge a path for helpless licensees to successfully protect their valuable advantages. Most importantly, our team provides corporations with the necessary enforcement foundations to avoid battle altogether. We work tirelessly to monitor industry sectors to ensure our client’s path is clear of thieves and looters. In short, we offer the tools you need to complete your journey.

OUR GOAL is to throw your enemies off-balance, to strip them of their defenses, and to provide you with a financially efficient tool to use during your voyage. We strive not only to give you excellent legal representation but also strive to evaluate your company’s business needs in order to help you make good business decisions. 

Make a courageous move and stay one step ahead of the enemy by requesting a free consultation with one of our attorneys today.  Find out how we can help you complete your journey and successfully obtain the treasures which are the object of your business adventure.


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